Authentic Thai Cuisine in Colts Neck, NJ
(732) 414-2746


$5.95 Fried Ice Cream

Fried ice cream topped with raspberry sauce on fire

$5.95 Banana Alamo

Fried banana topped with honey and sesame served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

$6.95 Mango w/ Sticky Rice

Fresh mango served with sweeten coconut sticky rice

$6.95 Rainbow Ice Cream

A variety of exotic ice cream (coconut, red bean, and green tea) served with Lychee nut

$4.95 Saku Tau-dum

Tapioca with black bean in sweeten warm coconut milk

$4.95 Lychee Nut

Lychee nut in sweet syrup served with ice

$3.95 Ice Cream

A selection of (Vanilla, Chocolate, Red Bean, Coconut, Green Tea, or Mango Sorbet)


BYOB ( Wine and Beer )

$2.00 Coffee (Regular or Decaf )

$2.00 Hot Tea

$2.00 Soda

Coke - Diet Coke - Sprite - Ice Tea - Club Soda - Ginger ale

$2.00 Bottled Water

$3.00 Perrier

$2.95 Thai Ice Tea

$2.95 Thai Iced Coffee

$3.00 Juice

Orange - Guava - Mango - Coconut - Cranberry - Apple